Cutting Ties

by Cutting Ties

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released August 9, 2015

all music by Cutting Ties
recorded & mixed by Tijn Arts




Cutting Ties NB, Netherlands

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Track Name: Stand and Stare
When a mate is in trouble, or walks in a fight. Always go help him, and stand on his side. Watching his back is the least you can do. Times like these, is where it comes true. Stop, to stand and stare. Go, your friends are there. It’s not about fighting. Just to protect. It’s about helping. Out of respect.
Track Name: Social Damage
Social damage is what you think of me. It’s true cause of all things I see. Money power trophies or some degree at school. Is changing people quickly, ugly full of greed.
Track Name: Progression
Look around, leave the past. Some things, are built to last. So surround yourself, with positive. And fuck all, the negative. You can’t change me I'm who I am. I live my life the best way I can. So don’t judge me on my looks. Do your ideas comes from that book. You can’t change me I'm who I am. I live my life the best way I can. So don’t judge me by a book. The color of a skin is not a look.
Track Name: Same Kind of Spread
A lot of people working – nine to five. Everyday a sandwich - with the same kind of spread. Meeting in the weekends drinking 'till they die. And then they say it's freedom to live the life they're livin’. And after a long day, when they come home. They sit and watch, a stupid tv-show. Is this a nightmare? Or is it someone’s life? I can’t belief it is true, this is what I despise. Go to work. Walk the line. Dress the same. Believe the lie.
Track Name: Standards
I've got the feeling that tomorrow. Something is gonna change. The world is fading. And the people are scared. Trust is gone, and help far lost. So marry stays home when it get’s dawn. Violence, destruction lies and pain. Are now the standards that we’ve gained. I’ve got a feeling that tomorrow. Something has gotta change. We should be able to walk the streets at night. Trust regained and help found near. So marry goes out when it get’s dawn.
Track Name: Alcohol
Alcohol, in your blood. Drink it up and smash things up. Can’t feel bad or feel pain. No, this stuff makes you feel insane. It get’s me up, it get’s me down. Beat down broken, black and brown. Alcohol, in your blood. Forget the problems, you ain’t got. It makes you snooze it makes you mad. And do the things you will regret.
Track Name: Gabagoul
It's a disgusting recipe. Final destruction, order of hate. Intestines ruined, scarred for life. Image of death, in your shit.
Track Name: The Next Day
Now it's time to set things straight. Your mind is a mess, you lose control. Do you know what your heading for? There will be another day. There are many things to say. Don't be afraid, ask yourself. Don't walk away!